Meet block coding board, Co-Book before anyone else!

6-row 4-column board, about 40 structural blocks

Co-Book helps you to understand the invisible coding structure visually.
With chip storage and play space, you can use it without worrying about losing small parts.
Even if you do not have a PC or tablet, you can connect to the robot and drive it freely.

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대표자 : 박준형

본사 : 대전광역시 대덕구 대화로 120, 가온비즈타워 1008호

연구소 : 대전광역시 대덕구 대화로 106번길 22, 펜타플렉스 517호    02-6952-3451

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                                                                 Co-Book                            EA-1                                             Drone Automation System

                                                                 Coding Heroes                  EA-2                                             Autonomous Driving Mobile Platform 

                                                                 CAMP-1                            EA-3

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